What is Experiential Marketing?

What is Experiential Marketing_

Marketing / October 18, 2022

Experiential marketing ( a.k.a. engagement marketing) is a form of advertising that focuses primarily on creating memorable experiences related to your brand.  Experiential marketing strategies are designed to create buzz around a brand or product through face-to-face interactions with consumers. This enthusiasm then spreads via social networks, word of mouth, and traditional media coverage, creating […]

The Importance of Graphic Design in Print Marketing

The Importance of Graphic Design in Print Marketing

Marketing / October 11, 2022

The importance of graphic design is evident in companies like Coca-Cola, McDonalds,  or Starbucks. The choice of light or bold colors, image manipulation, and the arrangement of elements are all carefully crafted to positively sway audience opinion It Establishes Easily Recognizable Branding Whether you’re a small business owner or part of a larger corporation, consistent […]

Why Should Your Business Invest in Christmas Cards?

Why Should Your Business Invest in Christmas Cards_

Marketing Products / October 4, 2022

There are various reasons why you should send out  Christmas cards including  establishing new connections and solidifying current connections. Sending cards to business contacts makes a lasting impression on your customers and your team with a minimum investment. Although not everyone on your card list may celebrate Christmas, it is a perfect time to add […]