Marketing Product Ideas To Giveaway During The Holidays 

Holiday Marketing Products Giveaways

Having a hard time thinking about what to giveaway to your employees, clients and potential customers this holiday season? Lucky for you, Strand360 has compiled a list of potential marketing products you can gift during the holidays this year. 


Try something different from the typical go-to promotional products like pens, notebooks, bags, hats and other apparel items. There’s a wide array of marketing products out there that can help you imprint your brand in the minds of your staff and customers. 

Mini Bag Toss Game - Fun Marketing Products

Mini Desk Size Games

Mini versions of popular games like cornhole, billiards and others can be great gifts for employees and customers alike. Many of them fit on a desk or table and can be enjoyed by those of all ages.  

View Mini Bag Toss Game

Promotional Fidget Cube

Fidget Devices 

Although fidget devices have been around for a while, they're not something a lot of people purchase for themselves. Whether it’s a cube, spinner or another fidget device your logo will be displayed every time someone picks one of these devices up to play with it. 

View Promo Fidget Cube 

Wood Tower Stacking Game Promotional Product

Fun & Games 

Imprint your logo on a game. Bonus points if it’s a game all ages can enjoy. Your brandmark will be front and center every time your employees, clients, and their families take your gift out of the closet. 

View Wood Tower Stacking Game 


Here in Canada it can be quite cold during the holiday season. For this reason, it can be smart to giveaway products that help keep you warm but provide other practical purposes. Every time the receiver uses your gift they’ll be reminded of you creating great brand awareness for your business. 

Touch Screen Gloves for Marketing Giveaways

Touch Screen Gloves 

With conductive fingertips, the receiver of this gift will be provided with universal touch screen compatibility. That means they’ll be able to use their phones and other devices even while keeping their hands warm in the cold Canadian weather. 

View Touch Screen Gloves  

Branded Beanie Toque & Scarf (Knitted)

Toques, Beanies & Scarves 

Heat escapes through our heads. There’s nothing like a stylish toquebeanie or scarf to keep people's heads warm and help them remember you. 

View Knitting Beanie & Scarf Set 

Beverage Warmers and Tumblers - Marketing Products


Keep their coffee or hot chocolate nice and warm for them on those chilly days. When summer comes these tumblers double up to keep drinks cold and can be used as a Can or bottle cooler. Best of all it fits well in most corporate and personal coffee machines for that quick cup. 

View Double Walled Beverage Holder/Tumbler 


It’s the holidays, right? So why not get into the spirit! There are tons of holiday gifts that can be used for promotional purposes. Ornaments and decorations that will be brought out every year, reminding your audience of your existence. And you know they’ll be thinking of you when they take a bite of those delicious treats you gifted them. 

Holiday Ornaments 

Giveaway beautiful and elegant ornaments that get brought out and displayed every holiday season. Or think about gifting ornaments based on your industry. A bakery might choose to give out cupcake ornaments with their logo. While a plumber might choose a wrench or plunger. 

View Joyful Tree Ornament

Customized Goodies 

Everyone loves snacking and enjoying themselves during the holiday season. They also like receiving gift baskets, chocolates and other goodies. You can imprint your logo on the boxes or wrappers and in some cases right on the treats themselves. 

View Custom Imprinted Advent Calendar 

Christmas Decorations 

Other Christmas decorations can also help remind potential buyers every year that you're in business. Brand stockings and other decorations with your colors or logo to really let people know you’re in the holiday spirit. 

View Cringleprize Stocking


If you already know what you’re looking for or want more ideas, head on over to the Strand360 Swag Store. There you’ll find the various promotional items we offer as marketing products. If you don’t find what you’re looking for feel free to reach out to us. Our marketing team is always ready to help you.