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Uncategorized / September 25, 2018

When planning a marketing strategy, it’s easy to think the internet is the only place worth spending money. Why devote any of your budgets to traditional marketing services when most of us spend the bulk of our leisure hours scrolling through social media or streaming shows online?

You can see why this line of thinking makes sense, but in practice it couldn’t be narrower. By every indication, a successful marketing strategy is a balanced one, where traditional and digital marketing complement each other to deliver a more powerful, sustainable result.
Marketing challenges in 2018 are more complex. Audiences are diverse, and marketing relationships are global.  We now live in the digital age where most people can react to marketing efforts at any time — through their laptop, computer, tablet or smartphone.  Deep understanding of how to interact appropriately is critical to success since customers are quick to call out brands for real or perceived errors.

60% of marketing efforts for businesses have become digital. Marketers are responding to customers’ online activity by investing more in digital marketing. That’s a lot of the market, but not enough to write off the other 40%. And what this number doesn’t convey are the differences between traditional and digital marketing. As an agency specializing in delivering optimum results from integrated marketing campaigns, we know that the shift toward digital is essential, but it shouldn’t replace traditional marketing. A program with both can strengthen your brand and your sales.

Putting Digital and Traditional Marketing to Work for You

Traditional marketing such as print ads, radio spots, vehicle graphics, flyers or billboards remains powerful. Your customers know how to react to this type of marketing and can easily understand your message. In addition,

  • You can tailor your efforts to connect with local audiences, right down to the neighbourhood.
  • When you market with billboards or vehicle graphics, your customers see your message multiple times. Using printed materials also gives you several opportunities since customers save magazines or brochures to read again.
  • People respond to and remember tangible items. Giving them something to see or touch builds emotional connections.

Digital marketing, which includes online advertising, social media activity, websites and online content contrasts traditional marketing in several ways.

  • You can reach potential customers through the online platforms they use, sending your digital messages cost-effectively through multiple channels. You can use a blog, an email or a YouTube video, giving customers a choice about when and how they interact with you. If they really like what you have to say, you’ll get the extra benefit of going viral.
  • Engaging with customers through digital marketing becomes more flexible. Unlike a print ad, which is unchangeable, you can quickly revise a blog or add content to your website if customers ask questions or tell you something is missing.
  • You can measure how well your digital messages are working. You can track who visited your website, downloaded your brochure, or filled out a contact form. With this real-time information, you can adjust your messages, incorporating your newfound insights into your digital and your traditional marketing programs.

By combining traditional and digital marketing platforms, you can double the impact of your campaigns. You appeal to different touch points with your intended audience … with a consistent message.

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