Digital blueprint (digital marketing strategy development)

Many people make the mistake of thinking that digital marketing is all about tactics. Tactics are important, but they won’t achieve the desired results without a strong overarching digital marketing strategy. Strand 360 will work with you to develop a digital marketing strategy from the top down. 
Digital blueprint (digital marketing strategy development)

We assess your marketing goals and create a strategy to match them. Only then do we begin deploying tactics to put your strategy into action. Developing a focused digital blueprint is the key to your campaign’s success.

What is a digital blueprint?

One of the reasons why so many companies fail to leverage the advantages of digital effectively is because they don’t plan properly. As powerful as digital marketing tactics are, they must be incorporated into a strategy that is directed towards your digital marketing goals. When you come to Strand360 to assist you with your digital marketing, we begin by drawing up a digital blueprint. This roadmap will direct your digital efforts towards the goals you have in mind, whether those goals include more leads, a more substantial online presence, better SEO rankings, etc. This plan will guide your marketing approach, content and budget over the short and long term.

What goes into a digital blueprint

As we create a digital blueprint, we consider three key points:

Where you are versus where you want to be. This component of the blueprint consists of a study of your market and considers your position in relation to the market as a whole, especially in comparison to your main competitors. We then make future projections of the market and work out how you can improve your position in line with the shifting trends and developments of the market.

Strategic roadmap. Having taken stock of where you stand, where you want to be and where your market is likely to go, we then devise a strategic roadmap to get you there. The roadmap includes recommendations regarding where your budget should be allocated and which tactics will serve you best and in what order.

What is a digital blueprint

Suggestions regarding alternatives and upcoming developments. There always needs to be a Plan B. The blueprint includes some suggestions about alternative tactics, as well as forthcoming technological trends that might serve your goals - as well as how to harness these rising opportunities.

A digital roadmap gives your company the vision and guidance you need to implement effective digital marketing campaigns, incorporating tactics such as SEO and content marketing. Strand360 is a full-service digital marketing company that will help you plan and execute your strategy from blueprint to implementation. Contact us for more information.

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