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Not to be confused with legal copyrighting, copywriting services produce content that drives conversions and makes sales. Whether used in web pages, paid ads, or brochures, the goal of copywriting is, strictly speaking, to coax the audience along the sales funnel.
Captivating Content and Copywriting Services
Let’s face it, though, no one likes to be bombarded by non-stop sales pitches. That is why businesses worth their salt work to cultivate relationships for the long game. While content writing will eventually drive sales, its primary purpose is to connect with clients and prospects by sharing content that is informative and/or entertaining. Examples of content writing can be read in blog posts, infographics, and e-books.

How to Compile Worthy Content and Copy

A potent content marketing strategy makes use of the different intentions of both types of text. Ask yourself these questions before composing your next literary masterpiece:
  • Who? Creating a buyer persona is the first step in content and copywriting. A clear picture of who you are writing for results in a personal experience for the reader.
  • What? From your buyer persona, you will also be able to judge what tone and level of language is best.
  • When? There is often a fine line distinguishing this dynamic duo. Both styles must address the pain points of your target audience to be relevant.
  • Why? While obvious in copywriting, even in non-salesy content writing, it is important to understand and highlight your brand’s unique value proposition. Why else should users read what you have to share?
  • Where? Don’t let your eloquent prose rot in the depths of the world wide web. Because so much communication is done online, search engine optimization is a crucial element in copy and content. Coupling high-quality writing and SEO greatly improves your search rankings.
Powerful writing takes time and a thorough appreciation of its intricacies. Luckily, there is no need for you to stare at a blank computer screen in a panic! Professional copywriters can craft just the right message for every occasion.

Combining Copy and Content

Strand360 delivers the best of both rapport-building content and action-persuading copywriting. For example, a web page like this one explains the different types of content marketing and how to take advantage of each genre with existing and prospective customers.
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