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It may be easy to think that direct mail campaigns are old-fashioned, especially in today’s fast-paced digital marketplace. But marketing research continues to show that people love receiving mail – and you should take advantage of that! A tangible piece of mail can invoke stronger emotion and a better connection between your brand and your audience.
Direct Mail Campaigns

Here are three reasons why direct mail works!


You can easily target your mail by geography, specific demographics or lifestyle characteristics, and then personalize your messaging for a better response rate. By refining your mailing list, you can reach exactly the audience you want to send your message to.

Response rate

Studies show that more than 40% of direct mail recipients read the pieces they receive. Simply put, people are far more likely to read physical mail than email!

Shelf life

On average, people keep advertising mail around for 17 days, meaning it has a long shelf life and the opportunity to make further impressions on prospective customers.


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