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The graphic design services of Strand360 ensure that your business appears as qualified, trustworthy, and reliable as it is. Considering that 55 % of first impressions are decided by what we see, looking good has never been more important. As historian Christopher Lasch noted, “Nothing succeeds like the appearance of success”.
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Is Using a Graphic Design Company Worth It?

The short answer is, “Yes!” Now for the long answer. Because your online and offline branding is a reflection of your brand, the quality has to be professional. DIY cut and paste handiworks will not cut it in an ever increasingly competitive landscape (unless you are a graphic designer, of course!) Well-crafted, consistent visual and textual content helps to boost the credibility of your organization - be it a small business, NPO, or regulating association. From posters and packaging to online ads and web pages, graphic designers are skilled at presenting information to fulfill a particular goal. By investing in the services of a graphic design agency such as Strand360, you are demonstrating the value of your services or products. Custom graphic design substantially boosts your presence - both online and offline.
Graphic design companies have the expertise required to create a visual identity for your brand. They are specialists in communicating ideas that inform, convince, and motivate customers and prospects, donors and members. Professionally designed graphics evoke in your audience emotions that amplify your message. It has been said that “graphic design is art with purpose”.
As well as being master communicators, our graphic designers ooze with the creativity needed to outshine your competitors. As the marketplace gets more crowded, so he need for creative solutions increases. Combining art and technology, the quality of work done by graphic designers is discernible by all. Adapting the cliché that “a picture is worth a thousand words” to a business context, “graphic design is worth a thousand dollars! Finally, you cannot put a value on exemplary designs being created while you focus your energies on your core business.

Graphic Design Services - Canada

Looking for attention grabbing graphic design services? The experts at Strand360 love creating custom designs and can’t wait to make your business visually slay the competition across all advertising and marketing platforms. Get in touch with Strand360 without delay!

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