Logo design services in Alberta

As the foundation of outstanding branding, your logo is immensely important. Strand360 provides logo design that:
Logo design services
  • Grabs the attention of those in your target market
  • Elicits a positive first impression of your organization
  • Is surprising and unforgettable
  • Differentiates you from your competition
  • Forms the cornerstone of your brand identity
  • Promotes loyalty to your brand.

The Importance of Business Logo Design

While a website and professional logo design do not make a brand, your logo reveals a lot about you. It sets consumers’ expectations; it is often one of the first associations the public has with your organization; and it triggers recall of your company.

Strand360’s logo design services work to communicate ownership, quality, mission, vision, and core values.

Because our average attention span is just 8 seconds, modern logo design relies on visual elements such as colors, shapes, and fonts to share your brand’s story. Even though these elements do not exist in a vacuum – their whole is greater than the sum of their parts – understanding what connections the human brain holds can reinforce your marketing message.

Choosing the Best Logo Design

Company logo design generally falls into one of the following categories:

  • Wordmark
    Freestanding word(s) that spell the company name using distinctive typeface, e.g., Google and Canadian Club.
  • Lettermark
    A.k.a. letterform, uses just the initial or abbreviation of a name in a specific typography, e.g., Canadian National Railway and Chanel.
  • Logomark
    Using a stylized, yet immediately recognizable icon that somehow relates to your business (pictorial mark), e.g., Shell and Twitter; a character to representation of your brand (mascot), e.g., Giant Tiger and Pillsbury; or a symbol or shape that reflects a concept (abstract mark), e.g. Huawei and CBC.
  • Combination mark
    Integrating an icon and text to create an image, e.g., Canadian Electric Vehicles, Burger King, and Molson Canadian.
  • Emblem
    Text inside an icon or symbol to form a badge, seal, or crest, e.g., Intermeccanica, Harley Davidson, and Canada Dry.


Strand360 approaches your custom logo design in a personalized manner. Let’s have a conversation about targeting your ideal customers with a logo that perfectly reflects your business. Our team of elite graphic designers love logo design and can’t wait to craft yours. What are you waiting for? Contact Strand360 today!

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