Behind Every Marketing Company Is A Committed Team

A marketing company is only as strong as their team members it consists of.

Our team of design, marketing and production professionals’ at Strand360 pride themselves on being super creative and business-savvy individuals with strong work ethic. Learn more about the experts that are ready to help businesses reach their goals. 

Bruce Clarke

Bruce uses his 30+ years of amazing business experiences to develop and implement the strategic path we follow. While this executive vision has allowed us to diversify and progress across new medias, Bruce can also be seen running our equipment, installing product, and learning new digital technologies. No matter which hat he is wearing, his goal is simple … build relationships, grow our business, and help our clients do the same.

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Cara Kemila
Lead Graphic Designer

Cara is our very creative design professional who will help bring your vision to life with her graphic design skills. Whether you're in need of a logo for a new business or refreshing the design of your corporate identity, Cara is the Strand360 team member that you want to talk to. She has a way of giving your marketing products a design that truly represents your brand.

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Mona Macumber
Project Manager, Signs

Mona is the project manager of our sign division. She is here to assist you with developing signage that grabs the eye of your target audience and draws walking traffic into your store. Mona is also the person to discuss other types of signage with. Whether you need pop-up banners for markets or full trade show displays created, she's the Strand360 team member you want to speak with.

Mona Macumber

Geraldine MacDonald
Production Coordinator, Print

From design to reality, if it wasn't for Geraldine your finished marketing products would just be a concept. She runs the print equipment and performs all the finishing trims, binding and other work to turn your project into a physical material that can be touched and held. The finished business cards, brochures, and so much more that you hand out to clients or use internally is all thanks to Geraldine.

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Corrina Little

Corrina has the most important job at Strand, managing the money and ensuring our team members are paid for their hard work. Although she can sometimes be found helping customers she's typically out of sight crunching numbers and reminding us to send her any supplier invoices. If you need to contact her regarding your account she's usually available on Tuesdays and Fridays.

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Jacquie Carramusa
Production Coordinator

Jacquie will likely be the first to greet you when you enter or phone our office. Maintaining and keeping the projects flowing to production. If you have questions related to your project or inquires on a service or product we offer and would like more information, our Production Coordinator can help with that as well.

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