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The advertising landscape is constantly evolving. As new marketing technologies are introduced, businesses are swift to react, taking to the Internet and mobile platforms to market their brands across more channels. The outdoor advertising industry is also following suit. Vehicle wraps, a somewhat new entrant to the outdoor advertising realm, is one of the most dynamic and powerful advertising platforms today.

Brand Development

As markets become more sophisticated, so too do consumers. Given the stiff competition that every modern business must contend with, it has become harder and harder to matter in the marketplace. Businesses must make concerted efforts to present their offers in the best possible light. And that means creating and nurturing a brand that the market can relate to.

It's no longer enough to simply have a great offer packed with features and benefits. Today, the most successful businesses are those that are able to craft a brand that speaks to consumers. The emphasis has shifted from "what can it do?" to "how does it make me feel?" When a business is able to transcend itself from just another company to a brand that occupies a position in the mind of the target, it successfully addresses the "feel" factor. Of course, concrete concepts such as price and benefits are still important, but modern consumers are increasingly driven by abstract concepts as well, such as affinity for a brand.

Vehicle Graphics & Wraps
vehicle wraps to advertise your business

Here are 13 more reasons to choose vehicle wraps to advertise your business:

  • 85 percent of people of all income levels are reached by mobile marketing
  • For promoting your services, brand, events, products, and company, vinyl wraps are the perfect alternative
  • Between 30,000 and 70,000 impressions are generated each day by one car wrap
  • Name recognition is boosted fifteen times greater with vehicle graphics than with any other form of advertising media
  • Of those people who see mobile advertising, 30 percent base their buying decisions on the ads they see
  • Everyone is reached no matter their profession, background, age, family, income, gender, or ethnic group
  • Your ad can be placed anywhere you want due to the flexibility of mobile advertising
  • With less people watching traditional television, listening to the radio, or reading the paper, vehicle wraps are becoming the only way to reach more people
  • Vehicle wrap audiences cannot change the channel, like they could with TV or radio
  • In the past week, 96 percent of Americans have traveled in a vehicle as a passenger or driver
  • Vehicle decals make an advertising opportunity out of every traffic jam
  • The cost per thousand impressions for car wrap marketing is less than all other forms of advertising
  • If you drive your vehicle the average of 15,000 miles per year, you will reach nine million people


Build brand recognition with everyone who sees your wrapped vehicle(s) and raise your company’s profile. Differentiate yourself. A bold design will generate a positive response.


Vehicle advertising allows a vehicle to be promoting everywhere a vehicle typically goes; local roads, highways, parking lots, malls, restaurants, shopping centers, schools, and more. Promote your company all the time; while you drive, work, transport, deliver, shuttle, and while you’re sitting in traffic or parked. The fastest growing trend in marketing is the concept of mobile outdoor advertising – vehicle
graphics — to promote your product, service or company. You work in a competitive environment. It’s not easy to create customer awareness through conventional means. Well, now it is! A vehicle graphic should be on every car and truck in your business to be advertising 24/7.


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