Top selling products provided by printers

Top selling products provided by printers

Marketing Products / January 11, 2022

Printed products are always popular as gifts or promotional items. But what are the top-selling products provided by printers? Find out more from Strand360, a marketing agency specializing in digital and traditional marketing in Alberta. T-shirts Printed T-shirts are what kickstarted the revolution of printed promotional products. It’s no doubt but one of the most […]

What is Protac Antimicrobial Protection Film?

Microban Treated Film

Signs / May 26, 2021

Protac AMP Film by Drytac is a 150µ (6 mil) textured polyester film that incorporates Microban antimicrobial protection. When microbes contact the Microban reservoirs in the Protac AMP film, the cell wall of the microbes becomes disrupted. This results in the surface of the film providing constant additional protection against spreading of microbial contamination. This […]

Marketing Product Ideas To Giveaway During The Holidays 

Holiday Marketing Products Giveaways

Having a hard time thinking about what to giveaway to your employees, clients and potential customers this holiday season? Lucky for you, Strand360 has compiled a list of potential marketing products you can gift during the holidays this year.  TRY SOMETHING UNIQUE  Try something different from the typical go-to promotional products like pens, notebooks, bags, hats and other apparel items. There’s […]

Marketing During Covid 19 

Marketing Solutions Facebook OG Image

Marketing / November 17, 2020

The world looks much different now from what it did  a year ago. The economic unpredictability’s caused by Covid 19 should be incentive enough to take a hard look at the strategy you’re using to maintain and continue growing your business. From a marketing aspect, the new normal can seem quite challenging. Unfortunately, it’s no longer “business as usual”. Strategic marketing services may be needed […]

Company Operating Name Change Announcement

Introduction to the Strand360 Marketing Team - image

Strand360 News / October 1, 2020

Dear Valued Customers, Partners and Suppliers Strand Media Becomes Strand360 We are excited to share important news about the evolution of our company. It’s our delight to announce our company operating name will be changing to Strand360. This new operating name takes affect October 1, 2020. How will this change will affect you?   This […]

75 Marketing Strategies for Small Business (Part 2)

75 Business Marketing tips part 2

Marketing / March 27, 2019

As you learned in 75 Marketing Strategies for Small Business Part 1, you need marketing solutions that fit your goals. No industry marketing strategies are the same.  All business marketing needs to be unique to your individual brand. Now, get ready for out next 25 marketing strategies for small business. 26. Recycle Content There are a […]

Developing Your Digital Marketing Plan

developing digital marketing plan image

If you missed our last article, What Is A Digital Marketing Strategy, and you’re new to the world of online marketing strategies, it’s a great place to start. Otherwise, let’s dive deeper into the development of your digital marketing plan. The world of internet marketing can get confusing. Which is why Strand360 exists, to provide […]

What Is A Digital Marketing Strategy?

digital marketing strategy, what is it? image

Digital Marketing,Marketing / March 19, 2019

Let’s start with a simple answer to the question, what is a digital marketing strategy? Any marketing efforts that happen on the internet or with the use of an electronic device. It is a marketing practice that uses multiple web services and channels to connect with your audience. This includes digital devices, digital platforms, digital […]